Capturing Success
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Capturing Success

Another Satisfied Client!

by Vikki Hidde on 05/24/13

A recent client sent us the following email:

"Mrs. Hidde, Thank you for your work. It looks really good and I am impressed. I think you can describe it in 3 words, Simple, Powerful, Professional."

-May 2013-

Small Business Award Winner!

by Vikki Hidde on 05/10/13

Congratulations to our own Vicki Hidde for winning the 2013 Small Business Award from the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce!

$15.00 books netted a $17,000 annual raise

by Vikki Hidde on 05/01/13

Just wanted to share the following story:

A friend just sent a copy of my book to her nephew in Washington State. What he got from the book is that there are good jobs with current employers. He was ready to leave his company and after reading the book he applied for a management position that he did not believe he could get and got a $17,000 raise. What a return on investment? $15.00 books netted a $17,000 annual raise.

The ABCs of Career Management for the New Year

by Vikki Hidde on 02/25/13

Z- Using a zoom lens can put your career into perspective, wouldn’t you agree? Should you get the lens focused to closely on the subject, perception can be distorted. However if you examine too much of the background and do not identify the subject it can be come hazy and the target lost. Only you can put your career in proper focus. Use your career ZOOM Lens to focus on the target that will take your career to the next level by finding a good fit in your next career position. So there it is. A complete list of Career Management tools from A to Z. What you do with them from here is up to you!

The ABCs of Career Management for the New Year

by Vikki Hidde on 02/22/13

Y- You may find yourself saying YES to a position that is beneath your potential or you may find yourself saying YES to a project that would cause you to stretch your capabilities. Most jobs are what you make them to be. At worst you will learn something about yourself and your work style and at best you will develop new skills. Each experience has the seed or kernel for career growth. Unfortunately you will have to do many things you don’t want to do on your path to your perfect job. In fact successful people do many things they don’t want to! Your next yes may offer the opportunity of a lifetime.

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Click here for a printable list of "The ABCs of Career Management of the New Year"